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6 Best Matcha Lattes In Klang Valley

Just like a daily cup of joe, Matcha contains caffeine to kick off your day with a boost. Avid coffee-drinkers would have experienced jitters or cold sweat, switching your usual coffee order to a Matcha latte makes a great alternative.

The process of making Matcha powder is much more intricate than one might think. And no, you can’t just rip a green tea bag open. Uji Matcha powder are finely ground-up green tea leaves that are grown and harvested with great care, to achieve a rich flavour with a balance of both bitter and sweet.

Have it iced on a warm sunny day or hot for a little comfort, it’s a real treat regardless. If you can’t afford a flight to Japan, here’s our top 6 spots to get your Matcha Latte fix in Klang Valley:

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Aside from being a well-known hot spot for Coffee lovers, Eight Ounce Coffee makes a mean cup of green tea latte. Rich in Matcha flavour with a nice balance between bitter and sweet.

Price: RM13 -RM14

For more information, follow them on Instagram or Facebook page.

Locations: Suria KLCC, The Gardens Mall, The Gardens South Tower, Sky Avenue Mall, Genting Highlands and Babel Gym, Menara Ken TTDI.

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