5 Best Ramen Joints in KL/PJ

Sometimes all you need is a good bowl of ramen on a rainy day to make everything better. But with all the new Japanese restaurants and the (dare we even say it?) ‘budget’ ramen places, it might take a lot of trial and error to get that one bowlful that hits the spot. Well, we’ve narrowed it down to FIVE great ramen restaurants, and classified them according to the different tastes that we as Malaysians have. None of these are particularly ‘budget-friendly’, so you have been warned!

Most Slurp Worthy Ramen: Marutama Ramen
Marutama is one of the first few ramen joints in Malaysia that uses the Toripaitan broth (chicken broth as opposed to pork broth) which makes it one of the few halal ramen joints that there are. They are also able to boast of an MSG-free broth, so you know that the taste is all ingredient based goodness!

The highlight: The MSG-free Tamago Ramen which uses Toripaitan broth comes with the smoothest, springiest noodles and a Tamago egg. Slurptastic in a way that doesn’t make you thirst for water, but for more ramen!

Located at:
Lot F1.27.01, First Floor,
Fahrenheit 88, KL.
Operating Hours:
11:00am – 11:00pm

Most Egg-citing Bowl: Ippudo Malaysia
Ippudo comes to Malaysia after making waves in Singapore, where at queues are almost a constant at Ippudo outlets. And seeing as they’ve landed in Malaysia, we now know why! Service is speedy, and food is just lush, a must try for ramen lovers.

The highlight: Their extensive menu will have you scratching your head for options, but the must try is their Ramen in Tokatsu Broth with their deliciously decadent eggs done just egg-actly well that it’s just soft enough on the inside.

Located at:
Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4,
Pavilion, KL.
Operating Hours:
11:00am – 11:00pm

For Spicy Broth Lovers: Bari-Uma Ramen
The newcomer to the Malaysian ramen scene, Bari-Uma was established in 1992, successfully beating through the competitive ramen business in Japan and landing in Malaysia just this year. You might be tempted to try their signature ramen, but their spicier selection is what it’s really about.

The highlight: The Kara Uma is a bowl or ramen that arrives sitting in bright red coloured soup, but the spiciness does not distract from the sweetness of the pork broth. A must try for those looking for a little more kick in their ramen!

Located at:
L3-11, Level 3,
Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ.
Operating Hours:
10:00am – 10:00pm

goku raku
Porkiest Ramen: Goku Raku Ramen
The broth is a large percentage of what makes a good bowl of ramen. But the Fixins (toppings) play a role too. Goku Roku Ramen satiates the needs of even the biggest pork lovers – succulent pork broth, AND thick delicious slices of char siew, at the same time? Consider us sold!

The highlight: The Aburi Char Siew Ramen comes with in an amazing pork broth soup and thick slices char siew that are the perfect balance of tender meat and luscious fat.

Located at:
Lot S025 & Lot S026 , Level 2,
Mid Valley Megamall, KL.
Operating Hours:
11.00am – 10.00pm daily

Richest Broth: Menya Musashi
Queues are almost expected at peak hours, as the small quaint store that is Menya Musashi just cannot seat and serve all their patrons in the limited space. And in typical Malaysian thinking, if the queue is long, the food MUST be good, right? Oh, how true that is. You won’t be spoilt for choices but the few dishes that Menya does, it does well.

The highlight: The Shiro Musashi Ramen which comes in a rich onion-ey, porky broth. Sweet and creamy, yet not sickeningly so, this is one rich broth that is easy to guzzle down!

Located at:
Eat Paradise, 2nd Floor,
Isetan 1 Utama, PJ.
Operating Hours:
10:00am – 10:00pm

Pictures: Facebook – Marutama Ramen, Ippudo Malaysia, Bari-Uma Ramen, Goku Roku Ramen, and Menya Musashi