Here Are The 5 CLEO Malaysia Eligible Bachelors Who Appeared In Crazy Rich Asians

The hype, from filming to release, was crazy big. And when Crazy Rich Asians opened on our shores last week on 23 August, fans of the book, regular ol’ people and movie-goers went all-out crazy too. It opened to much fanfare and for a reason — the all-Asian cast got tongues wagging about inclusivity, and having our teeny-tiny region of SouthEast Asia (well, Singapore to be specific!) on the big screen and at a Hollywood level.

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We won’t spoil the movie for you or give anything away, but when you see two Malaysians sharing a scene and sharing the screen (let’s say the lead actor and the matriarch who is played by none other than the inimitable Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh), you will have all the macro feels.

While the movie itself is based on the book of the same name and the story arc and outcome may be a tad predictable, as inhabitants of this region we will always be looking out for familiar spots. Of course there are the truly Singaporean scenes which you can immediately recognise. The locations will also have you wondering “Is that Carcosa Seri Negara?” “Is that a hangar here in KL? The old airport?”

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Then there’s star- or face-spotting. And we’re proud that some of our very own CLEO Bachelors had their share of the big screen. We spotted them and hope you will be able to, too! Take a scroll to know who’s who!

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Bachelor #1: Henry Golding 

The Eligible Bachelor of 2009 who is also now known as Nick Young.

It wouldn’t be difficult to spot that CLEO’s very own Eligible Bachelor from 2009 took the lead in Crazy Rich Asians as Nick Young. We reported on it last year when they began filming and we were indeed very chuffed for Henry himself for landing the role and really placing Southeast Asia on the map. Woot!

Yes, Henry, we will marry you T.T

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While he had dominated the screen and our collective hearts ever since he won CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelors in 2009, we also can’t wait to see his second Hollywood debut.

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