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5 Easy On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes You Can Make

I’ve recently started a full time position here at CLEO which means I’m up and out the door in less than an hour. Breakfast was a foreign language to me as I just never had the time for it. Unless you count having Chee Chong Fun, which is hardly a healthy or nutritious breakfast.

So, in order to save some money and have a hearty breakfast, I decided to start bringing breakfast from home to eat at my desk. Life of a full time employee.

The thing is, breakfast-on-the-go can be for anyone. From you college goers to you working 9-5 people out there, I’ve found 5 recipes will make breakfast preppin’ a breeze.

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 Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Source: The Chubby Vegetarian via Pinterest


1 banana (peeled and sliced)

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 cup of low fat milk

5 whole almonds

How to:

This is easy because you can peel and slice the bananas the night before and freeze them. Prepare all the ingredients near a blender and in the morning, all you gotta do is throw ’em into a blender and you’re ready to go!

Bananas are super healthy and you can let it whiz while you’re applying your second coat of mascara on.

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