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5 Reasons Making Cold Showers A Habit Will Benefit You

The first time I switched up the temps of my shower routine was when I was getting serious with my workouts. Before that, I thoroughly enjoyed my lukewarm to hot showers (depending on how sleepy I am in the morning) no matter what anyone said.

Until I read multiple articles and especially the one on Popsugar suggesting that it’s best to practice cold-to-hot showers.

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As soon as you step in the shower, turn the knob towards the blue hues. It’s to immediately recover and decrease inflammation of our muscles after a sweaty session. Then switch to hot. This helps to avoid potential stiffness and improve health of the bones. Not only did it open up a whole new world of how a simple routine could take affect on my body, but I had never felt as fresh after a shower.

This got me thinking, what else am I overlooking? Could this post-work out routine transform into a daily temperature therapy? It sure can.

Simple changes in our everyday habits can make a big difference on our mental and physical health. It’s safe to say, you can start saving money without the use of the water heater:

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1. Reduce Depression

Apparently, cold water can condition your body to respond better to stress. So if you can’t seem to piece your mind together, take a break and perhaps squeeze a cold shower. Most important decisions are made during it, anyways.

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