5 Stay-In Date Ideas That Will Turn Up The Heat

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With the unexpected outbreak of the Corona virus that has impacted our daily lives, it is fair to say that staying in sounds like a good (and affordable!) idea for date night. Keep reading to stay safe while turning up the heat this romantic occasion.

If you've bagged a mighty fine date for the evening (lucky you), then it looks like you've got an excuse to go a little extra on this special occasion. By that, we don't mean spending tons of $$$ on a fancy one-time 5-star meal. If anything, now is probably the best and safest time to stay indoors--nobody wants to get infected on the day of love, right? Ergo, dip your toes into unexplored territories by trying out these pretty simple yet sensual ideas that will bring y'all even closer---in more ways than one *wink*

If you crave some romantically stimulating date ideas to ignite the sparks without exposing yourselves to crowded areas, we've listed 5 of them that'll do the trick:

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An unconventional way of bonding with your lover is definitely partaking in some painting and drinking sessions, which involves–you guessed it–painting a canvas masterpiece (that’s right, we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt) while sipping on some sinfully delicious wine or cocktail. If you ain’t craving a buzz, no worries as you can totally choose to have a non-alcoholic beverage instead. After all, it’s your home so drink whatever you please.

Basically, all you need are blank canvases, watercolour or acrylic paint and some paintbrushes (maybe even thrown in an art palette in there). Head over to your nearest art supply store like one of the Art Friends outlets here and get cracking.

If you’re worried about going blank on what to paint, just Google some simple paintings to try out. You can even try drawing cartoon characters, say meme-worthy ones just for laughs. In the creative world of art, there are no rules applied so let that imagination run wild.

Trust us when we say you don’t need to be Picasso to try this out. If anything, a lack of artistic skills is sure to guarantee some LOL moments. Who knows, it could even lead to another inside joke to share between the two of you. So, go on and paint to your heart’s content or just go Jackson Pollock-crazy! Either way, you’ll both have a grand time together.

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