5 Times Robert Downey Jr. Was a Real Life Superhero

Captain America Civil War - 2016

When Robert Downey Jr. isn’t busy flying around, beating bad guys and being sassy af on screen, the Iron Man actor brings his superhero persona into the real world where he contributes to making the world a better place with all sorts of kind gestures.

1. He gave a child a bionic arm

The Collective Project uses 3D printing and innovative design to make custom bionic prosthetic for children with lost limbs or were born without them. They teamed up with RDJ to give a young fan a fully functioning Iron Man arm and the whole encounter was nothing but adorable.

2. He dressed up as Tigger for a cystic fibrosis patient

When 7-year-old cystic fibrosis patient Daniel Keyte was being bullied at school, his mum reached out to RDJ for support on Instagram. His response wasn’t quite what we expected but utterly brilliant nonetheless. He put on a Tigger onesie and invited the young fan to the Captain America: Civil War premiere as his guest.

3. He assembled The Avengers to help a sick fan

When terminal cancer patient Stratford Caldecott was too ill to catch Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theatres, his daughter started an internet campaign to get him the Blu-Ray before its release. RDJ teamed up with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth to give the campaign a boost and made sure Stratford has his wish granted.

4. He hung out with about 100 kids dressed as Iron Man

Back in 2012, RDJ made a special appearance at a Comic-Con Iron Man costume competition and hung out with all the kids (and a few adults) who participated. He sure wasn’t stingy with those high-fives and compliments!

5. He raised nearly £2 million for charity

We all know RDJ has absolutely no problem scoring a date, but instead of yet another A-list celeb, he decided to raffle off his plus 1 to raise money for Julia’s house – a children’s hospice charity. He encouraged the public to donate in exchange for a night with him. The winners were then flown to LA and put up in a 5-star hotel where he promised to “awesome the crap out of you”.

Credit: mtv.co.uk