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5 Ways To Effectively Start Drinking More Water

Have you ever felt a sudden strike of hunger at odd hours in the day? Most of the time, it’s your body calling out for some h20. Other times, it’s for a large pizza with cheese-filled crust. Yum.

There are countless of benefits to drinking water throughout the day, this may not be brand new information but I still meet people who barely take a sip of clear water and live off sweet beverages bearing in mind it will provide the same kind of hydration.

Drinking water is easy to do, but much easier to forget.

For someone who drinks coffee every day, it’s the one thing i yearn for as soon as my alarm clock rings. By noon, if i still hadn’t hydrate my body with water — i’ll feel drowsy and unfocused. The first few times this happened i thought i was staring at the computer screen too long, of course then realized i probably hadn’t drank anything else before.

If you’ve ever tried to chug a bottle when you’re body is half awake, you’ll already know it’s not as easy as it sounds. But think about it, your body has been asleep for about 8 hours so rehydrating is so important to kick start the day and allow proper digestion.

Especially in the morning, you’ll feel more awake almost immediately. The awesome results will take positive effect on your complexion too. Small steps make way to big changes, read on for 5 ways to drink more water:

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1. set an alarm for every hour

Ideally a cup of water would be awesome but even as a reminder to take a few sips will do, it’s a stepping stone to break into the habit.

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