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5 Ways To Relieve Your Good Vibes Festival Withdrawals

*Written by Vanessa Lim

#TeamCLEO is back from Good Vibes Festival 2017. Yes, I mean back to sitting behind our desks, churning out great content for you guys! *wink*

Who doesn’t love a good heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing, endorphin-releasing time at a music festival? I know I do. There’s the ‘before’ phase, where you’re all hyped after purchasing your ticket online and already deciding what outfit to rock on that day itself. Then there’s the ‘during’ phase where you’re at the festival, having a great time, jamming out to the music while you’re all hot and sweaty (knees weak, arms are heavy) and just living your life.

When the last song finally plays, it hits you to realize it’s all going to be over soon, and you’re so not ready. Once it gets to the ‘after’ phase, you go into post music festival depression. Wishing you could just turn back time and relive the moments where you sang along to all the songs and danced your heart out.

Fret not! Here are some ways to help you relive your Good Vibes withdrawal.

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1. Talk about it!
Be it with your friends or even online, there’s no harm in spreading euphoria of how good that dang festival was! Expressing your love for it over (and over) again can help you refresh your memory of the songs that were being played and the electric atmosphere surrounding you.

Literally me. All the time

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