6 Experiences That Teach You How To Spot A BBF Or A Frienemie

We’ve all been through that. Having a bestie who really has got your back and then that one frenemie who wants you to leave the house in the ugliest sweater you have.

No matter how real the fakes look, they all have these traits:

JEALOUS – She’s the only one who doesn’t call when you land a promotion or get that cute new pixie cut.
SOCIALLY COMPETITIVE – She tries to poach your friends or turn people against you.
SNAKE DETECTOR UNDERCUTS YOU – Not just at work. She could even withhold information to see you stumble (in other words, sabotage!).
UNRELIABLE – She’s great at a party but, when it all goes to s***, she ghosts you.

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“This happened to me: we were online shopping together at mine, and she kept pushing me to get things I knew wouldn’t look good on me. Some people are too nice to say that
something doesn’t look right, a true friend would be honest, but this felt like she wanted me to look ridic, and that wasn’t right.” — Ain, 26, branding executive.

“Break-up central. Population: Me. My frenemy found out and texted me for all the deets.
She then told everyone I knew that it was my fault, and not a few weeks later she was in
his Insta Stories. Go frickin’ figure. I blocked her and him there and then.” — Lily, 27, social media manager.

“I got promoted and was on a real career high. My ex-best friend laced all her congrats with snarky comments: ‘Oh, you’re not a struggling artist anymore. Finally, you can join us for dinners!’ Turns out that my job was better-paying and had much more perks, and she couldn’t stand that other people could one-up her. Sad. So much sadness.” — Sher, 26, art director.

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