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6 Malaysian Tattoo Artists You Need To Know

Delicate flower tattoo (Image: Raice Wong)

Your first tattoo will always be the most meaningful and lucky for us, there’s a handful of talented Malaysian tattoo artists here to make it a memorable experience.

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Not all artists are keen on replicating other people’s work, photo references can be helpful as a guide but don’t expect the result to be an exact copy. The tattoo community is a growing scene in Kuala Lumpur and each tattoo artist has their own signature style, so before you go ahead and book a slot at the parlour — it’s best to do some research! Get to know them a little better, do some stalking on their social media platforms to check out their work. Better yet, book a consultation session to talk them through your vision.

To get you started, here’s a compiled list of incredible tattoo artists who specialises in handpoke, colour, geometric, traditional and classic Americana styles.

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