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6 Things To Buy For Your First Apartment

(Image: Patrick Perkins)

So you’ve finally graduated from university and nabbed a first job that pays well enough to push you towards the decision to move out – congratulations!

It’s an exciting step to take in life, especially with the thought of designing your own little sanctuary. If you’ve been saving up for the big move, then I’m sure you’ve got a little extra on the side to splurge but it’s A-Okay to start small. You’ve already got the place to yourself, there’s no need to rush for a home full of furniture, especially not all in one day. Your bank account will thank you later.

To get the shopping list started, here’s are 6 items to get for your first apartment.

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1. multi-purpose basket

Baloo Bakul in Sea Foam Green, RM135, Mowgli Store.

Mowgli’s Baloo Bakul is a multi-functional basket fit for a chic home. Use it as a laundry bag, storage space or even as a planter, the material is lightweight and adds a nice texture to the room. You can even use it as a picnic bag on a sunny day out to the park!

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