6 Unique Things To Do In Western Australia When You’re There

Australia is one of those places you can jet off to easily from Malaysia. The locals are really friendly, the weather’s amazing (their scorching summers aside) and it’s overall totally chill. Autumn in Western Australia is from March to May and it’s one of the most perfect times to go. 

Sunset goals. Image: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

Reddish-brown leaves, golden hues during sunset and it’s also a great backdrop for taking pictures. Perth in Western Australia is only a 5.5-hour flight away (plus, no time difference!).

Thanks to Tourism Western Australia, here’s a roundup of the 6 amazing things you can do while you’re there. Go on, click through!

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Swim with whales

A surreal sight! Image: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

One of the best things about visiting Western Australia is getting up close with whales. Watch as the whales make their way to Perth Canyon. They migrate there to feed on krill every year between May and December.

As they feed, you can witness the whales doing a tail-slapping action. It’s such a happy sight and a definite mood-lifter. Just hop on a whale-watching cruise across the various regions in Perth Canyon all the way to the north of Kimberley coast.

See them up close on a cruise. Image: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

When you’re planning to head out on the cruise, make it a point to go at midday when the sun’s out so you’ll get a clear view of the giant beauties! P.S. Don’t forget sun protection a.k.a. Bring your sunnies and hats.

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