6 Unique Experiences You Can’t Miss When Travelling In Western Australia

When friends talk about the land down under, it’s always just about the East coast: Melbourne, Sydney – when IRL there's so much more in Western Australia which occupies a third of the plain! Home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites like the Ningaloo Reef and Purnululu National park, the landmass is simply not getting enough praise for its goldmine of outdoor adventure opportunities.

So adrenaline junkies, if you're dreaming to experience some of the world's most thrilling and scenic adventures, just know that a 5.5 hr flight to Perth is all it takes. And the best part? You won’t even need time to adapt. The weather’s not much different to ours and we even share the same time zone as them. If you're feeling the itch to go, Tourism Western Australia has suggested a few unique activities you absolutely must try. Click next to know what should be on your list!



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When nature calls

Uluru’s not the only rock you must see in Australia, there’s also Castle Rock which is over 1,000 MILLION years old! It’s only right if you’ve checked out the ancient stones from all angles, which you may do so by taking a leisure stroll through the Granite Skywalk. Allow at least two hours to complete the steep return walk and make sure you stop to get a closer look at the incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

All about play? Run around the adventure playground (Collie) that’s quietly nestled in the Darling Ranges. Any exhilarating sports you can ever think of can be found here! White water rafting, water skiing, canoeing, bush camping and fishing, bushwalking and mountain biking on some of the world’s longest trails — you name it, they’ve got it. Best to visit during the springtime (September to November) and you’ll see the valley painted with colourful wildflowers.

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