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7 Apps To Download Before Setting Off On Your Vacay

You’ve got your leave approved, plane tickets paid for, hotels booked, and you’re so ready to say hello to beaches and bikinis, and goodbye to aggravating traffic jams and piled up deadlines. But are you really ready for your vacay?

Since none of us can actually let go of our phones long enough to smell the freshly brewed coffee, might as well make full use of all that phone time. The play store (Android) and app store (Apple) are there for free, why aren’t you using it?

Here are 7 apps that you need to download before jetting off on your vacay:

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When you’re away with your friends, sometimes expenses can get jumbled up. You might pay for dinner one night and someone else will cover breakfast first with the promises of splitting the bill at the end of the day. However, after 4 glasses of wine, no one is going to remember where they put the receipt.

Use the Splitwise app to settle all your debts and get your money back. Not only does it do all the math (dividing GST and service tax) but you also can send them the PDF of the expenses breakdown.

Get it for free at iOS and Android

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