7 Apps We Wish Someone Would Invent

Don’t get us wrong – technology has been majorly kind to us and we’ve been blessed with all sorts of amazing apps which enable us to do almost anything from split the bill at a group dinner to taking voice notes at moments of random inspiration. However, there are a few apps we’d really, really like to see – heck, if they can send a man to the moon, these apps should be no-brainers.


The Ex-Alert
You had a really bad break-up. You’re not ready to see him yet. This app would somehow detect if he was anywhere in a 5KM radius of you and buzz discreetly in your pocket, letting you know it’s time to turn around and head in the opposite direction.

Shazam! The face edition. Not knowing the name of a song is annoying, but not remembering someone’s name when you’ve met them a million times is even worse. It would be even better if it could somehow sync to your calendar so you could check where you’ve met this so-called stranger before! Hang on, let me Shazam your face…

Select the drinks you’re drinking from a list in the app, and the app will tell you how bad your hangover is going to be the next morning. Amazing for planning beforehand so you can make sure to stock up on bananas for a hangover cure.

50 Shades of Nails
Sometimes nail polish can get a little pricey, so wouldn’t it be nice to have an app which showed you similar colours to the ones you sadly can’t afford?

Will He Call Me?
An app that magically (or technologically, whatever) detects the percentage of that cute guy calling you. Especially handy when you want to know if you should hang around waiting for him or just move on.

This app will reverse all the Instagram filters your friends used on their photos. Just so we can find out what they (or whatever picture they took) actually look like without Walden, Sierra, Earlybird AND Valencia!

Zap It Like It’s Hot
Somedays we just want to lose some weight without working out or eating right. We’re not exactly sure how this revolutionary technology would work and we’re pretty sure it would cost a gazillion dollars, but this app would zap off cellulite and that stubborn kilo.

Picture from Getty Images