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7 Movies To Watch On Netflix This Valentine’s Day That’ll Bring Out The Hopeless Romantic In You

Certain occasions are made for movies – horror films on Halloween, Christmas movies all December long, and romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day. If your plans for today involves curling up on the couch — with or without a significant other — then you’re in luck cause Netflix has got you covered.

Thanks to the powers of streaming, you can now watch your favourite shows whenever and wherever you want, on your TV, mobile, or tablet. Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you actually watched a movie on Astro?

With so many great love stories to enjoy on Netflix, #teamCLEO’s picked seven favourites that will melt your heart and fill it with warm and fuzzy feelings, whether it’s with your significant other, your best friends, or on your own.

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1 Love Per Sq Foot

Image: IMDB

Launching on Valentine’s Day on Netflix, Love Per Square Foot chronicles the life of two individuals living in the city of Mumbai who enter a marriage of convenience in order to get a flat of their own in the city. Surprise surprise, things don’t exactly stay platonic for long.

Watch the trailer here

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