7 Online Habits That Turn Men Off

With Tinder going off like a frog in a sock, and Facebook-stalking as much a part of modern dating as awkward first kisses, chances are a man will encounter your online profile before you actually meet in the flesh. Or not, as may be the case, if you do any of the following:

Too Cute to Date

Grown men want to date grown women. No one is suggesting you vamp it up but any pictures that involve teddy bears, One Direction concerts, or Disney-anything will have him swiping left.

“Sexy” is Overrated

Yes, you will attract men by showing a bit of flesh in your pics but it will be the wrong kind. Your keywords here are ‘natural’ and ‘happy’. And for the love of all that’s good in the world, do not do the pouty duck face. It’s really not half as attractive as you believe it to be. An old-fashioned smile will work just fine.

The Name Game

When choosing your internet monicker, spare a thought for its connotations. Anything with ‘princess’ screams high maintenance, something with ‘angel’ suggests am arduous level of childlike naivety, and you probably want to avoid words like ‘sensual’ or ‘sexy’ altogether.

No-Go Zones

While this isn’t a turn-off as such, it does bear repeating that you don’t want to get too specific with personal details. You don’t know who is out there in cyber land or what their intentions may be. Here, as in so many other areas of relationships, less is more.

P’s and Q’s

Watch your spelling and punctuation. If you want to attract a man with smarts, it is guaranteed he’ll be paying attention to these factors. Many a relationship has been grounded before it even began because one of the potential lovebirds’ had no idea how to use an apostrophe. See what I mean?


While we’re on the subject of what you might want to reconsider putting into the 4G ether, can we talk emojis? Just because they are part of pretty much every cellular device, that’s no reason to use them when communicating with men. We prefer it when you use your words. Like a grown-up.

A Final Word

As fun as it may be to ‘gram and tweet 24/7, let me point out that this habit can be a turn-off. We don’t want to compete with or be a prop in the fabulousness that is your life. Either way, maybe you want to try #livinginthemoment.

Credit: David Smiedt