7 Rom-Coms To Binge Watch After A Break Up

Going through a break up is never easy, no matter how casual or serious that relationship was.

Why? Because despite denying that you ever cared for that person, a small part of you will always care.

But what happens after a break up? Us girls mope around, stuff our faces with food, cry on our best friend’s shoulder, and the most important of all; binge watch romantic comedies.

Ah rom-coms.. Seems pretty silly doesn’t it to watch a love story when your own one just ended. Thing is, we watch them because it’s there for us; to laugh, to cry, to rage and to learn to love again.

So if you are going through a bad break up or know of someone that is, then these are the 7 rom-coms to watch:

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Forgetting Sarah MarshalL

Image: IMDB

This is relatable for those of us who’ve been cheated on. You’ll see Peter (Jason Segel) trying to get over his girlfriend Sarah Marshal (Kristen Bell) who has cheated on him and in the end karma comes right back around to bite her in the a$$.

Don’t we all wish that would happen to our ex?

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