7 Rom-Coms To Binge Watch After A Break Up

Going through a break up is never easy, no matter how casual or serious that relationship was.

Why? Because despite denying that you ever cared for that person, a small part of you will always care.

But what happens after a break up? Us girls mope around, stuff our faces with food, cry on our best friend's shoulder, and the most important of all; binge watch romantic comedies.

Ah rom-coms.. Seems pretty silly doesn't it to watch a love story when your own one just ended. Thing is, we watch them because it's there for us; to laugh, to cry, to rage and to learn to love again.

So if you are going through a bad break up or know of someone that is, then these are the 7 rom-coms to watch:

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Think Like A Man

Image: IMDB

One of my absolute favourite rom-coms ever, TLAM revolves around 5 guys who are close friends that can’t seem to catch a break in the dating world. Comedic Steve Harvey releases a book for women containing all the secrets that have the men baffled.

We could all use a book like that, don’t we ladies?

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