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7 Things Every Millennial Needs From IKEA

Compiled by Putri Avantika Sood Photography

If you’ve been off the grid or somehow have been living without a smartphone or internet connection for the past few months, then you’ve missed out a lot.

There was the World Cup, Good Vibes Festival, Thai cave rescue sage… and IKEA finally launching their e-commerce site. Now, you don’t have to brave the traffic, parking, and the throngs of people (unless, of course, you want a hit of their meatballs). Hooray! This is literally the best era you can think of living in. You can purchase any piece of homeware from your phone and get yourself settled into your comfy, cute-as-f*** space. And when friends come over they’ll be all, “Hey your place is so frigging cute!”. Yeah.

Here, #TeamCLEO has rounded up the IKEA Malaysia items you need delivered right to your doorstep to make all your millennial dreams come true.

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1 – A #vibing mug for your morning caffeine

The Sommar 2018 mug, RM9.30, is the answer to your Instagram flatlay goals

You’re probably like us and love coffee until it’s a legit addiction, or you may not even drink a lick of it. But the one thing that both coffee and non-coffee drinkers can agree on is that cute coffee mugs/cups are a great addition to any morning routine… and an #aesthetic feed. This one caters to all your sensibilities, with a totally neutral body, millennial pink band and totally #2018 no-handle silhouette. Pair with grey nails and you have a total Monday #bigmood.

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