7 Things To Do Before June Ends

How’s June been for you?


We’re three weeks into the sixth month of the calendar and all is going by a little too fast. But let’s be real, time waits for no one so we gotta grab it at its roots. Hard. Raya was great though, Selamat Hari Raya once again to those celebrating!

If you feel like you haven’t done anything special this month, fret not, we’ve compiled some things happening over the weekend. So roll out of bed, call up some friends and make memories at these places.

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Skate Your Way Through Sunday 

This isn’t your regular open house. To celebrate Raya and Go Skateboarding Day, Girls Jom Skate is organising an open skate session. The event is open to all, and there will be an array of raya snacks served.

You can even skate in your baju raya if you want to! If you’re no pro, don’t worry, the people from Girls Jom Skate will be there to guide and provide you all the safety gear.

Date: 23 June, Sunday
Location: Wheelove Skateshop, Subang Jaya
Time: 4 – 6 pm
For more info, click here.

#TeamCLEO collaborated with Girls Jom Skate and gave skateboarding a shot. Think we can become the next Elissa Steamer?

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