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7 Types Of Periods You Go Through

Ah period. Watch as many of the male faces contort in disgust as this topic comes up in conversation amongst females. But let’s face facts: periods happen. Once every 28 days (this may vary with each girl), blood gushes out of us and we’re not comfortable. At all.

But to all the girls who are forcefully being shoved into womanhood, I am here to tell you that the nightmare is just beginning. You might think you are prepared for whatever massacre there is to come but you can never be too prepared. Unbeknown to many, there are different types of periods and you will go through them at one point in your life. You might like it, no wait scratch that, you are gonna hate it.

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Unfortunately, this is the price we pay for being women.

Here are the 7 types of periods you go through:

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Leaky mess

Say goodbye to all your favourite lacey panties that costs more than your rent. A leaky period not only destroys all your panties to the point of no return, they also make you super duper conscious. Why? Because you’re constantly wondering if it has somehow managed to leak through your panties to your pants and now the whole world can see that you are on your period. Eventually, all your nice panties become your period panties because they’re already stained and they get stretched out from all the scrubbing you attempt to do.

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