7 Ways To Say Thank You To Your BFFs This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly – fa la la la laaaaaa – ok, I’m done. It should be more like, to be thankful, no? This time of the year always gets people nostalgic, and with that, comes reflection. We’re a young bunch, yes, but sometimes we fail to realise and see all the beautiful things we should be grateful for; best friends, for instance.

I wouldn’t say 2016’s been unkind… It’s been challenging, more like. And looking back, I now see that, things could have actually been a tad bit cruel even if I didn’t have my friends. Hey, as The Beatles say, “I get by with a little help from my friends”.

It wouldn’t hurt to say thank you, just ’cause, right? I’m actually a big fan of leaving secret notes – the best part about it, is that it takes up only just a little bit of effort, and costs almost nothing! So here are 7 fun hide out spots for your thank you notes to your BFFs!


1. Pockets Full Of Sunshine

Levi's® Boyfriend Trucker in Mountain Black (RM299) and Levi’s® 711 Skinny Jeans in Beatnik Blues (RM269)

Levi’s® Boyfriend Trucker in Mountain Black (RM299) and Levi’s® 711 Skinny Jeans in Beatnik Blues (RM269)

Probably one of the easiest way to slip a note to a loved one. Disclaimer though, if they aren’t wearing a bomb looking denim jacket, you may have to get…. closer hehe.


2. Lunch Box

SUPER easy spot if your BFF works, or houses with you – especially if they’re into prepping their lunches. If not, don’t worry! You can always call up your BFFs housie, or family to lend you a little hand.


3. Pencil Box

You have general access to your bestie’s pencil box when you’re in class, or when she/he runs over to the loo and needs you to watch their stuff!


4. Fridge

Image: Not On The High Street

Image: Not On The High Street

This is a space you can get really creative, depending on how and what’s on the sruface of your BFF’s refrigerator! If they have cool magnets on their fridge like above, then your thank you note can be left at their expense, even (LOL). Also, don’t worry if the surface is busy. It’ll actually be a real treat for them to accidentally bump into some other day!


5. Tool Box


Levi’s® Limited Edition DIY Kit (Price: RM N/A)

We’ve all had a whack at getting crafty, and maybe for some of us, it didn’t exactly stick. But, if it has for your bestie, they’re bound to have a box of their tools lying around somewhere! Slip your thank you note in their tool box, and when they open it the next time, they’ll get a lovely little surprise. (Pssst, this DIY Kit would also make a hella cool Christmas or Birthday gift)


6. Planner or Note Book

One of my favourite spots, purely because I was having a really rough day, and headed out for another meeting in a rush. In the midst of it all, I hadn’t noticed my colleague slipping in a message in my notebook! When I opened my book to take notes, you could only imagine the smile on my face. It was a very small gesture, but it made the rest of my day float by like a breeze.


7. Pillow

As much as you may deny it, we all have that one pillow we just cannot sleep without; If not you, then probably your best friend! My girls and I have sleepovers all the time, and if you do as well, it would be cool to leave a little thank you on her pillow, no?


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