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8 Best Ramadan Bazaars To Hit In Klang Valley

Are you ready for a feast?

The Ramadan bazaar is back and we are ready to eat eat eat. The bazaar takes place once a year for about a month. From dawn to sundown, our Muslim friends spend their day fasting from food and drinks and at sundown, they break fast with a wholesome meal.

Lucky for us non-Muslims though, we also have the privilege of enjoying the benefits of these Ramadan bazaars; the food, the drinks, the kuehs, and the yummy desserts. Just the thought of all that food is making me salivate.

One of the benefits of a Ramadan bazaar is for working busy adults to buy food for their family when it is time to iftar.

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1 Kelana Jaya Bazaar

Image: Makan2Jalan2

Undeniably one the largest Ramadan bazaar with over 250 stalls, the Kelana Jaya Ramadan bazaar is ocated just opposite the Giant Mini Market in Jalan SS6/1.With so many stalls to choose from, you will either go home broke or with a headache, one thing is for sure you’ll be laden with tens of bags of food and drinks.

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