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8 Gifts Your Favourite Teacher Will Appreciate

We show our parents love and affection everyday and on their special day, we remind them that we appreciate everything that they have done for us. Your second nurturer is your teacher. So why not show them how much they mean to you – c’mon, you spend just about eight hours a day, five days a week with them.

Parents and some students fail to realise the hard work that goes into teaching a class of 25-30 students. Not only can they be a handful to handle at times, certain students require more attention to better grasp a concept. Then there’s the grading of homework and coming up with interesting concepts – it’s a lot of work.

With Teacher’s Day approaching in less than two weeks, have you thought of a gift for your favourite teacher? It’s difficult to choose a favourite teacher but deep down, you know you got one or two. That teacher that you instantly clicked with you because they understood you on a whole other level. You confided in them and they don’t push you away with lectures and homework.

This Teacher’s Day, why not surprise your favourite teacher with a gift you know she’ll love:

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1. A Personalised Planner

Mossery Galaxy 2018 Planner, RM78.63, Available at Mossery

Every teacher needs a personalised planner for their day-to-day schedule. In order to keep track homework, due dates, assignments, tests and major examinations, they’ll need a good diary to write it all down. Besides, everyone likes a personalised gift with their name on it.

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