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A Boyfriend’s Guide To Surviving Your Girl’s Next Period

You’re probably wondering; why am I reading this? Chances are your girlfriend saw the title of this post and shoved her phone in your face. You should definitely take the hint: you’re not giving your girlfriend the TLC she needs when that time of the month hits.

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t know what to do at first because not everyone knows what to do right off the bat! My boyfriend was clueless when we first started dating but now, he’s a pro at handling me at my worst.

You know what the sexiest thing a man can do is? Head out to buy his girl a pack of pads or tampons.

So gentleman, sit yo’ butt down while I educate you on some of the ways to take care of your girl:

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Mood Swings

Mood swings are not easy. Us girls can go from wanting to hug you tightly to an absolute hangry monster because we’re suffering insane food cravings to crying our eyeballs out because we dropped a spoon on the kitchen floor by accident.

Calm down, we’re only going crazy for about 7 days! (every month)

I’ll admit, handling us when we’re going through mood swings is not a walk in the park but the key here is to simply listen. Listen to our cries of distress and learn what we need at that moment. The one thing you shouldn’t do? Do not ever call us crazy. You just might get stabbed. You have been warned. 

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