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A Day In The Life #3: Visual Artist

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as women who are able to passionately stay curious with experimentation of various art mediums. We take a look into a day in the life of visual artist, Sofia Haron and what motivates her to create, curate and persevere.

Image: @sakiyurai

1. What does your job entail?

I’m a full-time artist. For the time being, I do paintings and mixed media art besides experimenting with various mediums.

2. Have you always known you’d become a full-time artist?

To be honest, not at all, I grew up in a family with no background in art whatsoever. In their eyes, it’s hard to get a stable job if you’re an artist unless if you become an art teacher at institutions. Although my mum used to always say I had this talent since a very young age. When I was four, I was already drawing my own comic books. I started with cartoons characters and animals. I still love to draw facial expressions until now. I usually do it based on my own imagination.

During my school years I participated a lot in art competitions and always won first prize, to the point where my teacher wouldn’t allow me to enter anymore because they want to give a chance for others to win. Haha. It’s okay. But I tapau most of the art competition within and outside from school.

After I finished high school, I applied for to further my studies for a Diploma in Art and Design (Fine Art) in UITM. My mom didn’t approved at first as she was worried about my career path.

To be frank, I didn’t achieve the highest grades during my Diploma and Degree yeras. But I proved myself enough by producing artworks that were good enough for me. I was very active to join exhibitions even during my study years. I enjoy making artwork until today and I’ll never stop.

3. Describe a typical day in your studio.

Hmm… I would say 50% actually doing work. The other 50% is distributed to daydream/watch movies/eat/sleep/play with my cats. My studio is my home, if you were wondering.

4. What would you say would be your biggest source of inspiration that drives you forward?

Definitely, the outdoors. I thoroughly enjoy going out more now. I think it’s because I stay in my studio for long hours. I seek inspiration by visiting fellow artists studios too, it gives me a closer look to their artworks and I enjoy listening to their talks about their own experiences and struggles. It drives me to produce more on my side.

5. What are some of the challenges you face on the day-to-day basis?

The biggest challenge is coming up with ideas on what to splatter onto the canvas next. I have to constantly be creating because personally, ideas come to me when I’m on a roll. If I stop drawing for awhile, I’m afraid I might get an artist block.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

InsyaAllah, to travel the world with my art. That will be my greatest achievement if God wills.

10:00AM – Finishing up a portrait commissioned job in watercolor for my client.

11:00PM – I have so many exhibition deadlines for February. This artwork is for Chinese New Year Exhibition at Atria, Zoo Art Gallery. Last final details of this piece entitiled “Daddy’s Here”. Medium for this artwork is Charcoal on Canvas.

12:00PM – Charcoals and Pencils.

2:00PM – Discussing next exhibition project with Art Curator / Writer, Amir Amin @ ArtCube Gallery, Intermark, Kuala Lumpur.

4:00PM – I use Elizabeth Hair Spray as finishing, so the charcoal stays in place to exhibit.

7:00PM – Sent in my artwork on time @ ZooArt Gallery, Atria, Damansara.

8:00PM – Visiting Ajim Juxta and his artworks @ Gallery Titik Merah, Publika.

Attending exhibitions and making the time to visit galleries help me capture the mood to paint and it gives inspiration for my next project. Besides reading books, browsing the web for ideas, and looking at artworks, I find that communicating and socializing with artists, collectors and art lovers help me generate my ideas.

Stay updated on Sofia’s latest artworks and exhibitions on her Instagram @sofiaharon.

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