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A Girlfriend’s Guide To Surviving The World Cup Season

The World Cup season is upon us and women are just waiting for it to be over.

We get it, it’s football and let’s be honest, it’s not our field of expertise. At just day four, your patience is wearing thin and you’re about to throw something at that TV. Reign in your right hand and take a step back.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’re going to be girlfriend of the year when the World Cup season is over. He might even reward you for all that good effort.

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Exercise patience

Take deep breaths and let is out. Count to 10 if you have to. Bae is not going to be answering your text on time or even picking up your call. He is going to be up late into the night watching these games, which results in him waking up late the next day.

Forget about making dinner plans with him on days that his team is playing, forget about him remembering something that you vented out to him while he was watching a game, forget about stealing his attention during a game.

The World Cup season comes once every four years. That’s right ladies, four years. If you can’t suck it up for a month every four years then don’t forget that he has to endure your beauty talk and friendship rants for longer than a month.

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