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A Shoppable Instagram

Shopping on the go has never been easier these days. You could be half-asleep swiping infinitely down ASOS’ Sale category before you finally knock-out on a week day night or you could be browsing through an online web shop on Instagram from one to another out of pure boredom and start going on a binge to find the most unconventional item you just simply NEED. IN. YOUR. LIFE.

Either way, it’s clear to say that mobile has changed the way people shop today.

On 1st November, Instagram has announced to kick-start a new feature in the United States which facilitates shopping through the app and I can assure you that it will eventually come our way. HIDE YO’ KIDS, HIDE YO’ WIFE.

After the big Insta Story update which threw Snapchat under the bus even more so than what people expected it to, it’s evident that Instagram is venturing out to its fullest potential to claim that they’re not just a one hit wonder app (Seriously, what was Keek all about?) and they’re here to stay!

Here’s a little sneak of what it will looks like…


The feature will first launch alongside 20 US-based retail brands including Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker.

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