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AirBnB Experiences Under RM150 In 5 Different Countries

There are two types of people in this world: 1. Those who travel like a local 2. Those who travel like a tourist.

AirBnB regulars often fall under the first category where it’s all about blending in with the environment instead of standing out in a foreign city as you check into a franchise 5-star hotel. Not only is it more budget-friendly but it’s definitely a memorable way of travelling the world.

Lucky for us, AirBnB has a new feature where you can book experiences to explore during your next escape. There’s a little something for everyone based on your interests and hobbies, or even come home with a new skill!

5 Experiences in 5 countries under RM150, go!

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1. For the craft enthusiast
Jewelry Upcycle Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic for RM120/pax.

Ever heard of up-cycling? the aim of this workshop is to create unique pieces of jewelry to give a whole new purpose to items you would normally recycle. This experience takes place in the heart of Prague by Katerina and 100% of payment will go towards women in need as well as raise awareness on socially excluded women.

Image: AirBnB

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