All The Things To Say Goodbye To In 2017


As another year closes up and the New Year is fast approaching, I tend to always find myself saying “that went by so effing quick, I haven’t even had time to sort my life out!” What I’ve come to realise is that even though nothing seems to have changed, amidst it all – everything has changed.

As I entered my twenties, I started practicing listing down all the things I was grateful for (when I remembered to jot them down) and when I found myself looking back in my journal, all the things that had accumulated after each year ended up surprising me. I had a lot to be grateful for.

With each year coming to an end, it’s natural for us to reflect on the past – but it’s important to realize how far you’ve come rather than to wallow in the things you haven’t achieved. At the beginning of 2016, I made a vow to myself that things would be different this year. Even though I ended up finding myself making the same mistakes in matters of the heart, friendships and family – each situation has taught me a different lesson from the years before. That’s the thing about mistakes, they make you grow and there’s always room for growth.

With 2016 I told myself I would travel and experience adventure as much as I could (which I did) and by the end of it, I even landed a job that has given me the freedom to express the built up energy within me. Like I said, I have a lot to be grateful for.

This year, I’m saying goodbye to these few things and so should you:

1. Those loved and lost 

Unfortunately, people leave. Sometimes suddenly and without warning while others slowly walk out. As cliche as it sounds, know that if they were meant to be in your life; they would be.

2. All the mistakes and the moments you messed up

You’re only human. Leave the mistakes behind and instead of forgetting them, learn from them and carry those lessons forward with you into 2017.

3. Petty misunderstandings and arguments.

Particularly those that have resulted in you holding a grudge. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll end up living a life of regret if you never learn to forgive.

4. Negativity and toxicity

Let go of those thoughts that creep up at you late at night telling you you haven’t been strong enough or good enough. You always deserve the best.

5. Those who never appreciated you

All the unanswered calls, texts and lack of reciprocation of effort? Slow torture. Leave them far behind and make sure to never entertain those who never appreciated you in 2017.  In my case: I traveled to a different continent after 8 years of correspondence to visit a ‘friend’ only for me to find that they didn’t even bother lifting a finger to spend time with me while I was there. 

6. Those who took advantage of your love

Say goodbye to the heartbreaks, to those who could never love you back and took you for granted while you continued loving them.

7. Your fears

Apply for that job, travel to that country, visit that boy that lives a gazillion miles away from you – even if it doesn’t end up being how you wished and hoped! Battle those fears because you’ll never know that the outcome will bring you.

8. The friends that have let you down

These people will only teach and show you what kind of people you should surround yourself with. And in turn, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards souls that have touched yours.

9. Plans

Live life and go with the flow, making up plans and expectations will only lead you feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished.

10. All the things you didn’t do or say

Let 2017 be the year you say and do everything you’ve always wanted.