All The Times Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Made Us Fall In Love

Happy 45th Birthday, Justin Trudeau!

It’s no secret that Canadian Prime Minister makes every female (and male) weak at the knees with his perfect hair, his million dollar smile and his inherently good nature.

The easy-on-the-eyes politician turns 45 years old today and with that can we just say WTF?!

These are all the times that Justin Trudeau made us fall in love with… Him.

When he shut down this reporter with SUCH an obvious answer to her question

When he shows his utmost determination

Are those your bedroom eyes, Mr. Prime Minister? 

When he spoke the truth

When Obama and Trudeau cooed over this baby

Men in suits holding a baby? Gaaaah

When he greets refugees into Canada with open arms

Can we step off the plane and permanently reside in you?

When he challenged the US and the UK to some healthy competition

We’d like to show you how we bring it, please.

When he’s this much of a great dancer

Where are our ovaries?