An Interview With Nathan Sykes About His Debut Album ‘Unfinished Business’ And Going Solo

#CLEOChats With Nathan Sykes! 

Image: Universal Music Malaysia

Well known for being part of multi-platinum-selling band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes is getting better known for his incredible vocal talent and hit music as a solo artist. Having released two of his own tracks in 2015, Nathan has already topped the US Billboard Dance chart with his debut single Kiss Me Quick, embarked on a sell out headline UK tour, become a Celebrity Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, performed his first US live solo performance on Good Morning America and headlined his show at the Gramercy Theatre.

We were treated to an evening with Nathan Sykes and Ning Baizura, courtesy of Universal Music Malaysia and what a treat it was! An intimate setting with former boy band-gone-solo Nathan Sykes graced the extravagant dinner with his bubbly nature and voice of an angel.

Nathan makes an entrance in the most British way possible... With a cuppa tea! 

Not only did we get to serenaded by him but we sat down with the lovely chap and spoke to him about his debut album, 'Unfinished Business' and his career as a solo artist.

Hellooo, Nathan!

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Is there any obvious changes that we can expect from you?

You know what? It’s taking the elements that I absolutely adore and still adore about ‘Unfinished Business’ and trying a couple of different things with it. It’s probably trying things I didn’t try in ‘Unfinished Business’ but seeing the variety of songs across the album it’s seeing where I could’ve tried things that now I could go “oh i could try this, this could be interesting!

To be fair, the main thing for me to write a good song – the production can come afterwards and that’s where you’ll see the subtle changes within the production but the main thing for me is to write a good song that people can relate to and hopefully really enjoy. So there’s subtle changes that still quite brass influenced and everything is done live. We’ve had a lot of fun with that and worked with amazing musicians that have come and put down all the live parts just to really bring everything to life. And there’s obviously the piano ballads and all that I love.

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