All We Want Is This Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch!

Whether you have plans for tonight or the weekend, that's great and even if you don't, it's okay! Depending on how you interpret Valentine's Day based on your understanding or maybe, current situation *cough* we mean, relationship status *cough* single, Valentine's Day can also mean treating yourself because self-love is important too. (Psst, we have recommendations on dating yourself below!)


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That said, we want to talk about how we want to treat ourselves with this purrdy Nintendo Switch that we've laid our eyes on since it got announced. Since lots of people raving about it on social media platforms and we can't help but feel excited over it too! Since today's Valentine's Day, it gives us a special occasion to splurge on it (for ourselves).


Just look at this beauty! It's inspired by the upcoming Animal Crossing game for the console.


Last year, Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing will finally be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch. The game, also known as "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is slated to be released on March 20 worldwide. For those who don't know what's Animal Crossing is, it's a life-simulation game like The Sims or an even closer reference to the game is our childhood game, "Harvest Moon" but minus the most of the farming part. "Animal Crossing" is a game where you're a human living in the town filled with anthropomorphic animals and yes, they talk a lot.


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One of the notable features of the game is, it is played real time where it relies on the gaming console's clock and also calendar for its gameplay. The "Animal Crossing" series is loved by many — which at first, the writer of this article (hello, it me) did not understand the whole craze of this gaming franchise until one day she decided to purchase the game secondhand (it was the "New Leaf" game) to try it out since she had all the time in the world years ago. Little did she know, she found herself getting hooked to the game (TBH, it lasted for about 1-3 months. Takes a lot of commitment).


Just a glimpse of how the upcoming game would look like.


Aside from the writer's experience, those who have played the game would know that "Animal Crossing" is known for its cute animal characters and graphics. Plus, the soothing background music that changes as the day goes and depending on the weather and season in the game. There's even a Google Chrome extension for it. If you're curious, try searching "Animal Crossing music" on YouTube and give it a shot. The music's great for relaxing, study and working — we'd totally recommend!


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Fast forward to the present, the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" will be taking place in a remote island where the player would purchase a vacation package and spend time developing the island (instead of the usual town) together with the anthropomorphic characters in the game.

Earlier this month, Nintendo has also announced that they will be releasing a limited-edition console to commemorate the release of the first Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch, also known as the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition.

Still not convinced? We tell you why this special edition console is worth spending every dollar on!

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You Get To Fully Experience The Game

If there’s a VR version of this game, please sign us up!


Like literally. Even if you’re sticking with your same old Switch console, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to fully enjoy the game too. With this limited-edition Nintendo Switch, you get to play the game and have your console to match the game. But think about it, wouldn’t that be nice? Major plus points if you’re a fan of “Animal Crossing”! *heart eyes*

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