Are You Wearing The Right Face Mask To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus?

Ok, we may have jinxed ourselves by saying how 2020 would be a GREAT year for us. When IRL, a string of unfortunate events have been happening without a pause! It started with the Australian wildfires, the influenza outbreak and now coronavirus wiping out quite a handful of the population.

With no vaccines for this highly contagious virus yet, the only way we can protect ourselves is by three things: face masks, hand sanitisers and washing hands. This subsequently sent a ‘face mask and hand sanitiser hoarding’ frenzy over many parts of the world – including Malaysia.



We know desperate times call for desperate measures and we’ve been seeing people sporting their creative alternatives like plastic bottle, bras, and pomelo peel (?) when outdoors. Well, bad choice because – 1. They’re unhygienic. 2. You may suffocate even before reaching the front door (overdramatic but you know what we mean). So better stick with the right ones and we’re here to educate you on how you should choose your face masks!

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Best: Surgical mask

If you’ve noticed, especially in Japan and Taiwan, people wear surgical/medical masks in public or while commuting even when they are not sick. It’s a common practise for them because they’re scared of getting more germs but mostly out of courtesy to prevent spreading the germs among people around them. That’s why surgical masks work in both ways: to protect yourself AND others, making this your best bet against the coronavirus.

Now to tackle the most debated question ever – which side should be facing out? It’s important to get this right because wearing the wrong side would make your efforts go down the drain. So, remember that the blue/green side should be on the outside as it’s the fluid-repelling layer that prevents germs from sticking onto the mask. Click here for WHO’s advice on the correct way to use and dispose surgical masks.


When To Wear This: sick, haze, virus

Where To Get This: Watsons (out of stock as of publish date) / MyGroser (limited to 10 pcs per purchase) /  Lazada (out of stock as of publish date) /  Shopee (out of stock as of publish date)

Price: approximately RM25 per box or 80 sen per piece (three-layered surgical mask)

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