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What Went Wrong With Your Last Friendship Break-Up?


Even the most amazing friendships can begin to fray. But just like when your favourite jumper starts to split at the seams, it doesn’t mean you have to toss it.

You can stitch this once-strong bond back together. Needle and friendship-mending thread at the ready…

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Why are you fighting again?

One of the main catalysts for crumbling camaraderie – particularly for female twentysomethings – is the time we veer off in different life directions.

This might even kick off as early as when we leave school. “These are often periods of significant personal development in which people expand upon their adult identities,” explains clinical psychologist Lissa Johnson. “It’s natural that our compatibilities might alter in the process.”

Besides, feeling constantly bunkered down with study, and/or a hefty workload, can seriously eat into the time you’d usually spend bingeing on House Of Cards with your bestie. “As a result, gaps can develop in two friends’ knowledge of each other’s lives and inner worlds,” Johnson explains. “Developing different routines might also diminish the degree of shared experience, which can be conducive to bonding and providing mutual support.” Yep, physical distance can change a lot.

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