9 Best Matcha Lattes In Klang Valley

Original Reporting Shyafika Arina on August 16 2018 Additional Reporting Aina Nur Sarah & Lim Lee Ann (Last updated on March 17 2020)

Just like a daily cup of joe, Matcha contains caffeine to kick off your day with a boost. Avid coffee-drinkers would have experienced jitters or cold sweat, switching your usual coffee order to a Matcha latte makes a great alternative.

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The process of making Matcha powder is much more intricate than one might think. And no, you can’t just rip a green tea bag open. Uji Matcha powder are finely ground-up green tea leaves that are grown and harvested with great care, to achieve a rich flavour with a balance of both bitter and sweet.

Have it iced on a warm sunny day or hot for a little comfort, it’s a real treat regardless. If flying to Japan isn’t ideal for you, here are our top 9 spots to get your Matcha latte fix in Klang Valley:

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1. Oh Cha Matcha

The open counter is where the matcha magic happens

Oh Cha Matcha, also known as OCMC is a boutique matcha café that recently opened in the heart of TTDI. As you arrive at the front door, you’ll be greeted by cute pastel pink and Matcha green colours that complement one and another.

A cute corner featuring books and tools related to Matcha


Loving the cute interior.


Aside from the pink Instagrammable interior, OCMC specialises in a variety of Matcha drinks (including matcha latte) to choose from — each of the drink comes with health benefits and they also provide healthy options such as stevia, a natural sweetener and other milk options like oat milk and almond milk for the lactose intolerant peeps. To curb your sweet tooth, the cafe also offers soft serve (they’re gluten-free and vegan-friendly!).

More pink goodness!


OCMC uses Matcha imported from Uji, Kyoto for all of their beverages and soft serve.

Price: RM11-RM18

For more information, follow them on Instagram or Facebook page.

Location: 130, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Pictured here: charcoal matcha drink


From left to right: Mango matcha, purple sweet potato and blue spirulina matcha, watermelon matcha and charcoal matcha.

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