Big & Bright Photographers Part 1: Eunice Martin

In this four-part series of Big & Bright Photographers, four shutter masters reveal the exact ways they evoke emotion in just one shot.

introducing Eunice Martin, food stylist and photographer.

Follow her food journey on Instagram @euniceeunny.

Image: Eunice Martin

Briefly share with our readers how you got into food-styling and photography?

I used to be a wallflower in college and wasn’t really the social butterfly. I spent my spare time in between classes in my room, experimenting for fun with my phone in capturing food and did my own little styling methods as a personal fancy.

Creative flat-lays have, in a very short span of time, become the mainstream way presenting products on Instagram. As this platform plays a significant part in your career, how does one balance that aesthetic without losing your own trademark style?

I believe one of the key ways of  not losing my own trademark style is through the way I like to position my items, the kind of “accessories” or styles I choose for my food subjects. It is challenging, but I believe in keeping true to my own method in the madness when it comes to creating a frame that speaks truly of myself.

How do you ensure the styling and photography can represent a brand accurately?

Many people think that having the rudiment elements of light, pretty background or table and nice props will do the job. That would be the biggest mistake.

It all boils down to doing enough research. I spend my time understanding the essence and elements of a brand. I have meetings with my clients to better understand their expectations and I also draft out proposed layouts for my my clients before even starting the real shoot itself.

Mood plays a big role in the creation process and the goal of a photo is to always give the audience an immersive experience.

Do you have a favourite type of food to work with?

I don’t really have a favourite type of food but I am especially attracted to variation of colours and texture in my food subjects.

What are the three fundamental rules of getting the perfect food shot?

Lighting, food condition, and condiments.

What is your favourite part of your career?

Getting to see beautiful food pictures presented on my clients’ menu or seeing my photos circulated on online and you secretly know that that photo was taken by you. Knowing that those visuals are able to drive sales to brands and that I’ve delivered what I set out to do brings me satisfaction.

What are the biggest things you’ve learnt about yourself and your career, since you’ve started?

I learn that nobody is born with great skills, It takes a lot of determination and dedication to sharpen skills that you’ve picked up. It also takes a lot of courage, to say yes when you think you’re not fit or good enough to take up the job.

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Image: Eunice Martin

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