4 Real Things We Learned From Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October: the month of goblins and boobies. Not to say they go together, but shouldn’t they be given equal attention? It’s so discouraging to see that we have no problem stocking Halloween decorations into our carts but buying a pink ribbon in support of breast cancer seems to cost our lives. Come on, it’s breast cancer awareness month. An illness that has taken away multiple lives of women – mothers, daughters, aunts and spouses. It knows no boundaries and it gives no mercy to no one. Did you know that about one in 19 women are Malaysia are at risk? That’s quite a lot!

Don’t let it be a hankering when you lose your two globes. It won’t take much time and effort to love them, just some attention monthly to make sure they’re healthy and their normal selves. Starting with the breast self-examination, it’s a small step you can take right? Now take off your clothes and let your juggies run lose. We’re here to teach you how to check them correctly.

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How to Self-Check Your Tits

Step 1: Visual Examination

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Stand in front of a mirror with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips. Observe your boobs to check whether there’s a change in size, shape or colour. Next, raise your hands and look for the same changes.

Step 2: Physical Examination

Using the pads of your three fingers, move in a pattern that covers the entire area and armpit. It can be done in a circular motion, up-down vertically in rows or a compass manner. And when you’re done, pinch your nipples for any breast discharges.

As for the pressure:

Light pressure: when you’re feeling the skin and tissue just beneath

Medium pressure: for the tissues in the middle of your breasts.

Firm pressure: when you’re reaching the deep tissues at the back, press hard and you should be able to feel down to your ribcage.

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