These 4 Malaysian Insta Shops Sell Healing Crystals You Should Try

While the use of crystals for spiritual wellbeing isn't something new, it is now trendier than ever -- Miranda Kerr's fascination with crystals and how rose quartz is used in beauty tools. The history of healing crystals can be dated back to the Middle Ages, when people used them to bring spiritual presence and fulfil their spiritual needs.

Believed to have healing properties and energy, crystals are still widely used today to manifest intentions -- balance, abundance, love, clarity, purity, health and more. You could use them while meditating, doing yoga, or simply place them around your house to create a more positive space.

If you need some help finding your zen or simply want to decorate your space with crystals, you've gotta follow these Instagram shops to find the perfect stone that speaks to you.

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If you’re new to healing crystals, the Connection Kits from Levi Lola that include different types of crystals with different purposes are great to start with. Each Connection Kit (Devotion, Bounty, Solace, Healer and Eminence) is created to motivate and help you manifest your intentions.

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