Here’s Where You Can Buy Indoor Plants Online In The Klang Valley

Featured Image: Daria Shevtsova/ Pexels

Having been cooped up in our homes and rooms this MCO period (the Movement Control Order came into effect 18 March 2020, if you’re reading this from the future) has got us inspired to declutter, rearrange our spaces and bring new energy and light into places we used to spend not that much time in.

Being at home a lot more means having to spend a lot of our times in rooms we would usually only sleep in and leave for work, or go out to meet friends.

So now, introducing, our favourite trend: using indoor plants to spruce up your place.

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Smaller plants can go on top of your workspaces to make #WFH a breeze! Image credit: Wander Abode

After seeing it a lot on Pinterest and on people’s social media, we know it’s definitely an easy, beautiful way to invite new energy into your room.

Try bigger plants for a larger room. Image credit: Jury Clothing

Personally, I had to get leaves and plants from my parent’s garden which I potted into water to keep me company during this limited movement period.

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Little did I know that there are a plethora of places that are online that offer indoor plant delivery services and your little guys can come to you.

If you’re reading this during MCO, please note that there maybe limited deliveries. If you’re not within the MCO, then you’re all good!

Check these out that we found!

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Plant and pot studio

To be honest, the whole Plant and Pot Studio is a mood. It’s a plant store which you can head to and buy your plants, but you can also order online. They also hint to a cafe that means we’re going to be there more than just a couple of visits.


Instagram: @plantandpotstudio

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