Check Out This Cliff-Hanging House

Literally, hanging off a cliff.

Image: Opaworks

What are your thoughts in living in a home carved out of the edge of a cliff? For architect Laertis Vassiliou, it’s an attainable goal.

The work of Laertis Vassiliou, a Greek-born, Netherlands-based architect first came to worldwide prominence when a rendering of his proposed home, called “Casa Brutale,” went viral, according to the same report.

“In literal groundbreaking integration, Casa Brutale penetrates the landscape. The underground building benefits from a perfect homeostatic mechanism with thermal insulation from the surrounding ground, and the cooling properties of the swimming pool. The optical impact of the building on the landscape is minimal, with only one façade on the cliff side and no volume extruding from the ground level.” via Opaworks

Given the architect’s Grecian roots, he designed it to be built on an Aegean island: flooded with light and looking onto an unobstructed view of the sea.


Image: Opaworks

So guys, what say you? We know we’d like to!



*Sourced by CNet