Childhood Cartoons That Need To Make A Comeback

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

All throughout primary school, I would have the hardest time waking up in the morning. My mum would literally have to force me out of bed just to get dressed and ready for school.

Then came Saturday, the only day I would beat her on the clock and be awake before anyone else in the house! She would wake up to find me sitting on the couch, in my pj’s, bird’s nest lookin’ hair, a bowl of Koko Crunch in my right hand and the TV remote attached to my left.

Come on, at one wonderful point your life, you’re gonna have to admit that even on weekdays, you would rush home to catch up with your favourite cartoon! Sundays were reserved for homework (Not up to us) but the rest of the week were dedicated to CARTOONS!

But then again, they don’t make cartoons like the ones I used to watch anymore. Kids these days are really missing out! These are some of the cartoons that I think need to make a comeback:

1. Wild Thornberrys

Meet Eliza Thornberry, a girl who travels around the world with her mother and father who are famous nature show hosts, Marianne and Nigel; sister, Debbie; a wild-boy who her parents adopted, Donnie and Darwin, Eliza’s pet monkey. Oh yeah and did I forget to mention, she can TALK to animals! Was I the only who tried to talk to animals after watching this? It’s a shame that this show stopped airing in 2007. For all those who wish to relive their memories, you can watch it on Iflix.

2. The Proud Family

A 14 year old girl named Penny Proud is seen growing up with her wacky family and great group of friends. She goes through what every teenage girl does; crushes, school, peer pressure, embarrassing parents, bullies and friends who just love getting into trouble. At times she may seem bratty but then again what teenager isn’t? Penny’s sass always cracks me up!

3. Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom, a wallflower who had parents that believed in ghosts. One day, he blew up his parents laboratory and became a ghost hunting superhero with powers himself. His two best friends, Samantha and Tucker are the only people who knows his secret. I’m pretty sure that almost every pre-teen girl who watched this cartoon had a MAJOR CRUSH on Danny Phantom! How could you not with his blue eye (when he’s not a ghost) and jet black hair? *swoon*

4. Jimmy Neutron

The boy had the biggest brain, literally! Jimmy Neutron began airing in 2002 and ended in 2006. A young boy who constantly invents things which eventually leads him into trouble but his incredible thinking skills allow him to solve them whenever he’s stuck in a sticky situation. Now I wished I had Jimmy’s brains during every test I sat for!

5. Fairly OddParents

Timmy Turner is constantly being bullied by his mean babysitter, Vicky and his parents unfortunately are oblivious to the situation. An unpopular kid in school who’s often being thrown around by Francis, the school’s biggest bully. Due to all of Timmy’s misfortunes, he is granted 2 fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda who he can keep around after he has sworn to secrecy. Every child’s dream come true!

6. Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! Aired in 1996 to 2004, it centers around a 4th grader who lives with his grandparents. He’s generally bullied by a tomboy named Helga who is secretly in love with him and doesn’t know how to tell him. I mean don’t we all have that awkward phase too? Transitioning from that tomboy phase to a girly girl when we like a guy but not knowing how to react. I always found Arnold funny looking with his oval head and tiny little hat that’s able to part so much hair!


Comment below if you have any more cartoons in mind you’d love to watch on-screen again.