Claude Bernard’s Latest Collection Will Make The Perfect Gift

Claude Bernard is the innovative watch manufacturer in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland that produces exquisite Swiss Made classic timepieces with an eminent watchmaking heritage of over 40 years.

Image: Claude Bernard

Independent traditional Swiss watchmaker, Claude Bernard, presents its latest collection of hand-assembled Claude Bernard Swiss Made Pairs. They are the top gifts for you and your boo to commemorate your relationship. Subtle and elegant, couple watches typically spot simple classic designs that never go out of style. A staple collection in many Swiss Made brands, it has proven the test of time as the perfect anniversary gift for your loved ones to remember all those milestones in your lives.

Image: Claude Bernard

Sophistication does not need to come with a hefty price tag – Claude Bernard is a highly accessible watch that is designed for the customer with an eye for refinement.

These watches are a class of their own – they are meticulously hand-assembled with passion from master Swiss watch makers and made to adhere to the highest Swiss quality standards.

This season the launch features an intricately designed leather pair watch with Roman numerals as well as three pairs of bracelet couple timepieces.

Image: Claude Bernard

The leather pair watch is carefully crafted with a special focus on the face symmetry. It exudes a bold statement with a guilloche dial surrounded by printed roman numerals on a sunburst rail, providing a play of textures. The hour and minute hands are finished with black polish, featuring a perfect smooth surface that appears a stark black from certain angles. Housed in an ultra-thin case, the dress watch sits elegantly on the wrist

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