CLEO Hot Shots 2019 Spent A Day With JD And This Is What Went Down

When you have a busy lifestyle like our hot shots, there’s never gonna be time to put together a flossy outfit. But hey, we’re not Mark Zuckerberg and we don’t fancy wearing the same ol’ grey T-shirt every day just to maximise our productivity. We want expression; we want function, as well as to look at least decent. Now, the answer to resolving all this dilemma? Perfecting the athleisure trend!

There's no other brand that spells athleisure as loud as JD Sports. So, tying in the values of JD and Hot shots, we’ve partnered with the household name for our second event. The get-together was very different from our mini-retreat in July. While we hate to giveaway all the deets here unless you read it for yourself, we’ll let you in on a sneak peek – there was a private styling class conducted by our Fashion Editor Voon Wei. Scroll down to know more on what went down that day.

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A styling class with CLEO’s Fashion Editor

Our Fashion Editor Voon Wei giving all the tips & tricks on styling athleisure wear. – Credit: Blu Inc / Patrick Chan

Since we’re at JD, we learned how to tackle the athleisure trend. It’s a style that combines both fashion and function, hence, perfect for those with hectic lives yet want to look presentable. It definitely sounds like the only fashion trend we need to learn, but it’s also one of the hardest trend to perfect. One slip and you’ll look slouchy. But don’t worry we have Voon Wei here to work his magic. Check out how he styled our Hot Shot!

Team Pastel for Hot Shots Nicole Wong (left) and Iman Osman (right). – Credit: Blu Inc / Patrick Chan

For girls who want to do both, try pink! Cute is just an adjective to describe it but there’s also another one – edgy! Just do it like Nicole where the cutesy-ness of her pink dress was toned down with a black and white jacket. Then, to finish it off – a mint green fanny pack and a colourful pair of Nike Air Max 720 for the extra oomph. Moving on with Iman who is a model with a daring soul. She wore a pink sports bra, cloud print leggings, blue windbreaker and a pair of colourful Nike Air Max 270 React sneakers.

Siti Aishah (left) and Izza Izelan (right) wearing it loud! – Credit: Blu Inc / Patrick Chan

For the second duo, we have Siti Aishah and Izza Izelan both sporting really striking primary colours. When you’re playing with bold hues, one tip is to not pair the outfit with more than three colours. As you can see, the girls each sported a combination of one primary colour, black and white. It’s hinted throughout the outfit – on their track pants and even on their shoes!

Chia Wen Shin (left) and Kimberly Wan (right) pictured so happy with their outfits. – Credit: Blu Inc / Patrick Chan

Those with a soft demeanour and calming personality can opt for a more toned-down look seen on Wen Shin here. A simple tee was paired with purple leggings (the hottest colour rn), black sweater and white sneakers. On the other hand, for petite girls like Kimberly, choose long pants over short. It creates an illusion that your legs are longer unless you want to look like Minnie. Go with black and pair it with a bright colour on the top for that pop.

Pamela Tan (left) and Safiyya Azman (right) showing their confidence with blue! – Credit: Blu Inc / Patrick Chan

We noticed how our eyes instantly roll over to Pamela‘s skirt because of how bright the colour is. But if you’re not ready to give your tummy rolls that attention, play it down like Pam by including some white into your outfit. Just remember to find something that still has hints of blue so it all ties in.  For our hijabista fans who want to stay covered yet look stylish, sweaters are the way to go. As demonstrated on Safiyya, she wore a stripy bluish-green sweater with black leggings and white sneakers.

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