#CLEOCovets — What’s On #TeamCLEO’s Wishlist

When GST was declared to be 0-rated, it was as though we were instantly richer. (Okay, it doesn’t work like that, but a girl can always dream.) If you noticed, people flocked to the malls, night markets, and you could hear the sound of people collectively whipping out their credit cards to start splurging.

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At #TeamCLEO’s HQ, we’re always dreaming — this time it was of what we could Add To Cart should we have all the money in the world. Here’s what the team is coveting this month, can you help us start saving?

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A spanking NEW RIDE

The BMW X2, from RM320,800

“I’m in the market for a new car and when the new BMW X2 was released, my interest was definitely piqued. It’s a new addition to the BMW X portfolio and it’s ticking all my boxes — it’s a compact yet premium car that’s sporty and bold. I’ve yet to test drive it to know how it really performs but it’s definitely on my radar.

But, honestly, the price tag is just too high for my budget (the first-ever BMW X2 sDrive 20i M Sport is priced at RM320,800 — cue tears rolling out of eyes). So I’m putting a pin in this and will see how I go with finding something similarly sexy as this striking, modern sports activity coupe.”

– Lina Esa, Editor 

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