#CLEOEats: Dine In True French Style At 2OX 

French cuisine, to us, sounds like something we’d treat ourselves to on a special occasion. We picture having to dress up or at least look somewhat decent when we dine at a French restaurant. 2OX, on the other hand, is a refreshing take on French restaurants as they make you feel like you can totally just be yourself and still have an amazing culinary experience. 

2OX’s super-cute look when you arrive at the restaurant.

The first thing we thought of when we visited 2OX is that this place totally transports you. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re strolling on the streets of France in front of a cafe you’re about to dine at. You can choose to dine outdoors for that legit French dining experience and people watch (or in this case of being right in the heart of KL city, watch the cars drive by) among the lush green plants surrounding the restaurant. Located along The Row, the restaurant has a chill vibe despite being among the hustle and bustle of the city. 

As for us, we were seated inside and we noticed a simple table setting with white tablecloths and wooden chairs. There’s also a spot in the restaurant that’s open to natural light (great for taking photos) with a really cute painting on the wall. If you’re planning on organising a special, private occasion at 2OX, they’re happy to close this area for you. 

The set-up outside totally transports you!

During our review, we got to have a taste of their new menu. They showcased their three-course set lunches, that are priced from RM120 to RM150, depending on the combination of dishes you choose. 

TBH, we already fell in love when we tried their starter — the Black Truffle & Wild Mushroom Soup. We still recall the luxurious creaminess of the soup that just hit the spot on that rainy afternoon. Another starter option we were served was the Earl Grey & Dill Cured Sea Bream Carpaccio with a touch of Herring Caviar and Passion Fruit Gastique. This had a perfect balance of sweet and savoury to whet your appetite for your main. 

For the main course, you can choose from the Ox-Tail Bourguignon with truffle mash, the Duck Breast or Wild Caught Barramundi Fish served with a side of Parisian Gnocchi. The Ox-Tail dish was cooked to perfection as the meat was super tender and packed with flavour. It couldn’t have been paired better with the truffle mash that was smooth and creamy — a definite treat for mashed potato lovers.

The Duck Breast was moist and super-satisfying ’cause they are generous with the number of slices on your plate. As for the Barramundi Fish, it was delish with its buttery sauce that ensures a flavourful bite with every spoonful. The gnocchi as a side ensures that you’re adequately full from your meal — it’s soft in texture with a hint of chewiness. 

Now, there’s always room for dessert and it’s arguably the best part of a meal. The set meal has two dessert options: the Chocolate Torte or the Passion Fruit Souffle. The Chocolate Torte is made of 72 per cent chocolate so it is defo a rich treat. It has a brown butter and almond base that gives it a slight saltiness that really brings out the chocolate flavour. It’s also served with Valrhona chocolate ice cream, ‘cause more is more

The Passion Fruit Souffle is truly special, as 2OX decided to do their own take on the typical cheese or chocolate flavours. The passion fruit gave the dessert a lighter flavour than what we’d normally expect from a souffle, and you’d opt for this if you enjoy fruity treats. 

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Black truffle and wild mushroom soup, RM36

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