CLEOEats: Mikey’s 9-1-1 Spicy Pizza Challenge

Everyone’s spice tolerance varies and it’s a common misconception that everyone in Malaysia is able to take withstand a bucket load of spicy food.

At Mikey’s New York Pizza, they have come up with a spice challenge that will really test your limits. Back in 2014, they created a challenge that requires an individual to eat their self-proclaimed ‘Spiciest Pizza in Asia’. You’re tasked to finish an entire pizza filled with Thai chilies, cayenne pepper, chopped habaneros, and crushed ghost chilies. The prize is your photo up on the ‘Wall Of Fame’, RM500 cash prize and bragging rights that you finished a really, really spicy pizza.

Many have attempted but only seven brave solders have succeeded. Take a visit to this pizzeria for an authentic New York feel, complete with the signature brick walls and New York memorabilia adorning the walls.

It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have #TeamCLEO try out the 9-1-1 spicy pizza! 4 daring and somewhat forced individuals were subjected to immense torture. How did they do? Click on our video to find out:

Address: No.17, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Contact number: +603-2202-0080