CLEO’s Coolest Creatives: Affendy Ali of MyCreative Ventures And RIUH

Established with the singular goal of filling the gap in Malaysia’s creative ecosystem, RIUH has become a monthly platform for our creative entrepreneurs to market and sell their products, local artists to showcase and share their talents as well as a unifying event that brings together our community.

“After months of researching and bench-marking with creative hubs, bazaars and markets overseas, we got to explore the threads of culture that weave together the Malaysian identity at the first RIUH in August 2017,” said Affendy, one of the masterminds behind RIUH.

In the six months since, RIUH has become a confluence of creative workshops, bazaars and live music – pulling in an estimated 7,500 visitors each month.

Affendy Ali


The monthly themes determine a large chunk of the curation but we also consider the demands of our target market and we prioritise finding a balance between the types of products we bring in.

After 5 months running RIUH, we discovered that people enjoy the flavours of culture that we have. For example, we had a saree wrapping tutorial, a band that plays the traditional sape as well as traditional dances such as the bhagra, joget and bamboo dance.

Just some of the activities that go down at a RIUH event.

Being involved with the arts really developed while growing up, thanks to my parents who’d send me to art classes. Then I progressed to watching plays or going to concerts. When I was reading law, I acted in mock trials. I also started a blog with a friend back in university where I managed the photography and editorial bit. After leaving legal practice, I found myself in a local fashion design company. Now that I am in MyCreative Ventures, the business that we do requires me to be aware of what is happening within the arts.

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The biggest juggle between two roles would be managing time between both portfolios and switching my brain from legal to creative thinking, vice versa.